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We are a platform Metalheads can connect with one another through livestreaming & video, conveniently organized into one place.
Metalheads from all over the world have similar interests. Some of those interests include live streaming, video, social media, video games, and of course, music. Metalhead TV allows metalheads from all over the world to connect in one place. Metalhead TV simplifies the connection process and outreach bands and fans alike can share with one another. You'll be impressed by how many metal fans and bands live stream, share videos and connect through social platforms.

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Project 1 Check out our featured Metalhead Content Creators, Including Adam Warren from Oceano When Adam isn't touring with Oceano, he streams on Twitch under the name BlaqMario. He has over 20 game consoles, and is a huge Nintendo fan! Check his channel for the schedule, tier 3 subscribers get tickets to Oceano shows! VISIT CHANNEL Project 2 Herman Li (李康敏), founder of music act DragonForce (龍鋒). Herman Li (李康敏), founder of music act DragonForce (龍鋒). Most people call Herman Li a 'Rock Star', Herman Li is also a total computer nerd and gamer. Other than music and guitars, Herman Li is into martial arts, and Porsche racing. VISIT CHANNEL Project 3 Jack from Singularity Jack is from Arizona, and he creates content on Twitch under the name ToxicxEternity by playing guitar covering Video Game music in the style of Metal. He is in the band Singularity. VISIT CHANNEL Project 4 Matt Heafy from Trivium Matthew Kiichi Heafy sings and plays guitar in the metal band Trivium. Matt started streaming on Twitch in May of 2017 and ever since then, has fallen in love with all things Twitch. Matt supports multiple charities through his live stream, including Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital, Orlando Health Arnold Palmer’s Music Therapy, and Extra Life. VISIT CHANNEL ADAM WARREN HERMAN LI (李康敏) JACK (ToxicxEternity) MATT HEAFY

All Platforms ALL PLATFORMS MUSICIANS BANDS FANS You already picked the platform you like, and that is totally cool with us at Metalhead TV. We don't expect you to change what you're doing, we'll support you on the platform of your choice, as long as your platform supports the functions we use to integrate your content. YouTube, Twitch, & Mixer are 100% compatible. Other platforms should work, provided the channel and pages are public. Musicians ALL PLATFORMS MUSICIANS BANDS FANS We support all metal musicians that meet our community guidelines. Our community guidelines are simple - as long as you aren't breaking TOS on your platform of choice (no adult content is allowed), you're good. The only added stipulation being you must be into metal music. Bands ALL PLATFORMS MUSICIANS BANDS FANS Metal bands are especially encouraged to join, because it's free exposure, and metal artists deserve all of the recognition they can get for their hard work and musical talent. We rotate out the featured artists on our front page, you could be next! Fans ALL PLATFORMS MUSICIANS BANDS FANS Fans of metal can get on here too - as long as your broadcasts or videos are within the metal genre. Playing metal music on your stream while you game? Hit us up. Connect with bands, artists, and share your content with like a like minded audience. Anyone in the metal community can use Metalhead TV.


Slide LETS BUILD THE WORLDS BEST VIDEO & STREAMING HUB FOR METALHEADS Metalheads are a unique group. We strive for excellence, we aim high, and we entertain. Let's build the best experience possible for one another.

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